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Features of use of methodic of volume space modeling during lessons in projecting in the system of additional pre-professional education

O.V. Romashkova, Е.Б. Егоров
80,00 Р

UDC 373.6: 37.047 


O.V. Romashkova is senior lecturer, PhD student; E.B. Egorov is senior lecturer, PhD student both at Gzhel State University e-mail:


Presented is analysis of methodic of training in volume space modeling of students of children art schools. The author examines, researches and presents innovative approaches to training in space modeling, incl. with use of computer technologies and graphic supplements in the system of additional pre-professional education in children art schools and schools of art.

Key words: children art school, volume space composition, volume space modeling, paper plastic, plastic modeling.



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