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Formation of professionally important qualities of student designers on the basis of competence approach

A.A. Kuzmenko, A.A. Scovorodko, V.V. Spasennikov
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A.A. Kuzmenko is Cand.Sci. (Biology), doc. e-mail: ; A.A. Scovorodko is Cand.Sci. (Economy), doc. e-mail:; and V.V. Spasennikov is Dr.Sci. (Psychology), prof. e-mail:

at Bryanskyi State Technological University


Researched is the theme of formation and development in the process of design education of professionally important qualities of student designers on the basis of competence approach. In detail analyzed are basic problems of formation of professionally important qualities in future designers. Shown is, that solving of the problem of formation and development of professionally important qualities of future designers has to proceed from requirement of employer, taking into account, that readiness and ability to future professional activity (common cultural and professional competences) are determined by educational standards. Conclusion is made, that realization of competence approach by formation of professionally important qualities in students is connected with the use in educational breeding process active and interactive forms of lessons.

Key words: professionally important qualities, competence approach, employers, educational standards, design education.



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