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Religious directives as mechanism of formation of youth extremism

E.V. Lukashina


E.V. Lukashina is lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University



Discussed are problems of formation of religious values of youth under conditions of instability. Analyzed is possibility of formation of religious directives of youth through influence of external factors with replacement of traditional values by ideas of extremism. Based on various sociological studies, the author characterizes attitudes of modern youth to religion, church, and their influence on society. Attempt is made to fix connection between deformation of traditional religious practices and formation of extremist attitudes. Raised is the question about revival of religious consciousness and formation of religious directives, as well as traced is tendency towards development of the process of secularization and extremism in religious youth midst. Also analysis of impact of religious values on development of extremism among youth is presented.

Key words: extremism, youth, religious directives, traditional values, terrorism.