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Advantages and disadvantages of using means of informational and communicative technologies in the process of modern education

L.Kh. Urusova
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UDC 37.09::502/504

L.Kh. Urusova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), senior lecturer at North-Caucasian Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of Krasnodar University of MVD of Russia e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of educational innovations, teaching methods and educational programs. To solve global problems, especially in the field of education, ICT tools play an important role in shaping innovation paths. Methods of teaching and learning in the field of education are improving at a fast pace, but modern ICTs have their drawbacks in application. This article discusses positive and negative aspects of using achievements of modern technical means in educational process. A thorough analysis of the use of ICT tools in educational process is carried out and a list of advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon is revealed.

Keywords: information and communication technologies, modern education, gadgets, Internet resources, use of ICT in learning process.


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