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Functions of self-actualization of lecturer in professional activity

N.A. Rybakova
80,00 Р

N.A. Rybakova is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Moscow University n.a. S.Yu. Witte e-mail:


Examined are nature and function of teacher’s self-actualization in professional activity through definition and characterization of principal functions of such. Special attention is paid to necessity of creation conditions for developing self-actualization in students in the process of interconnection with lecturer. Content characteristic of the named functions is connected by the author with peculiarities of professionally valuable potential of personality of lecturer. Special contribution of the author in exploration of the theme is consideration of such from position of integration of theories of self-actualization and personal growth with personal active approach, enabling to specify content and structural features of self-actualization of pedagogue taking into account specificity of his profession.

Key words: self-actualization, educational activity, personality, goals, dichotomy, functions, professionally significant potential, interaction, teacher, student, transformation.


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