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Work programs of academic disciplines: purpose and modern features

V.M. Lobeeva
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UDC 378


Vera M. Lobeeva, Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Associate Professor of sub-faculty of Humanities and Social science disciplines at Bryansk State Technical University, e-mail:


The article analyses the work programs of academic disciplines in the aspect of the relationship of their purpose and modern structural and content features. The author shows that the implementation of the main purpose of work programs, which is to contribute to the effective organization and high quality of teaching and study of academic disciplines, is seriously hindered by such modern structural and content features of work programs as excessive formalization, bulkiness, overload with abstract institutions, which generate pronounced alienation of the main users — teachers and students from the work programs. The article also outlines the contours of the new look of the work programs of academic disciplines.

Key words: work programs of academic disciplines, modern features of work programs of academic disciplines, users of work programs of academic disciplines.



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