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Phenomenological approach in the context of modern educational trends

E.A. Timoshchuk
80,00 Р

E.A. Timoshchuk is Cand. Sci. (Philosophy) at Vladimir branch of Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Humanities Department e-mail:


Substantiated is actuality of phenomenological approach to education, given is analysis of phenomenology of education in Russia and abroad, as well as drawn is attention of the reader to collision of the method with realities of modern educational process. The author gives phenomenology a strategic role in modern education as a fundamental trend of sociocultural description, coherently describing complex heteronomic objects of modern society due to such categories as intentionality, constitutiveness, intersubjectivity, concretization. At the same time, the pedagogical noosphere is viewed as context-intentional and communicative formation, dynamically responding to challenges of time. Also analyzed is scientific works of key actors of phenomenology of education.

Key words: phenomenology, phenomenology of education, competence approach in education, educational technologies, tutoring, foresight in education.


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