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Tasks of raising national productivity of labor and higher school

Yu.N. Vivdenko
80,00 Р

Yu.N. Vivdenko is Dr.Sci. (Engineering), prof. at Siberian Automobile and Highway University



Analyzed is the theme of participation of higher school of Russia in solving the task of raising national productivity of labor. The theme is conditioned by the fact, that in recent years attention is accentuated on necessity of multiple raising of productivity of labor in the sphere of material production. Special attention of that indicator is connected with the use of technologies and technics of new generations, organization of high technological labor places, as well as transition of national economy on to high technological structures. In the article shown is, that one of principal directions in solving of this problem could be effective participation in this process of higher school on the bases of centers of competences with participation of branch ministries.

Key words: indicators of economy, productivity of labor, raising of actuality, technological structures, branch ministries, higher school, training anew.


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