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“New industrialization” and tasks of innovative development of higher education in Russian society. Scientific review of the monograph by E.V. Romanov

Andrey V. Frolov
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A.V. Frolov is Cand.Sci. (Economics), doc. at Faculty of Economics at Lomonosov Moscow State University


Presented is scientific review on analytical research “Methodology and theory of innovative development of higher education in Russia” by E.V. Romanov. Noted is, that the author of reviewed monograph, firstly, shows the genesis of notions of both “innovation” and “innovative development”. Secondly, stressed is, that “innovative development” is being descried by the author of the monograph as intellectual fundament of break into new technological structure in the context of solving tasks of innovative reforming of national higher education. In connection with that, presented is the study of perspectives of possible alteration in strategy of development of Russian higher education, as well as shown are basic prerequisites and conditions, as to realization of corresponding conception.

Key words: innovation, innovative development, innovative reforming of higher education, concept of strategy of innovative development of education.