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MOOCs as modern informational technology at high school

E.A. Ostanina
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E.A. Ostanina is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Military Academy of RVSN n.a. Peter the Great



Analyzed is evolution of the concept of educational technology in higher school under conditions of growth of information flows and continuous improvement of technical means of training, use of innovative approaches in presentation of educational information. Substantiated is relevance of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in the system of higher education. Also presented is description of one of the largest and most popular providers of massive open online courses Coursera. Examined is the process of formation of first online courses at Russian national platform of open education with showing of it’s inherent characteristics. Emphasized is well-timed necessity of creation of such courses in Russia. Shown are information of independent evaluation by pedagogues the work among students with MOOCs. Also charted are directions for development of MOOCs.

Key words: information technologies, massive open online courses, higher school, Coursera, National platform of open education.



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