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Intellectual innovative environment as factor of formation of engineers of new generation

G.I. Lovetsky, M.A. Maksimov
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G.I. Lovetsky is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof., head of sub-faculty e-mail: ; and M.A. Maksimov is Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail:

at Kaluga branch of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman


Presented is social philosophical analysis of actual theme, connected with formation of engineers of new generation, able successfully act under conditions of post-industrial stage of development. The authors analyzed facts in being of corresponding scientific pedagogical practice, on the basis of generalization of which theoretical conclusion is being made, that the most important factor in the process of formation of engineers of new generation is innovative and intellectual environment including four participants of the named process, i.e. technical universities, business structures and business as a whole, and also governmental organs and government as a whole on both federal and regional levels. Also formulated are concrete proposals, aimed at improving effectiveness of measures in this direction.

Key words: technical universities, innovative environment, intellectual environment, generation of engineers.



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