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Analysis of basic training of students of the 1st year course at medical high school as to disciplines of natural sciences cycle

N.G. Shilina, L.A. Shapiro, V.V. Salmin
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N.G. Shilina is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. e-mail:

L.A. Shapiro is doc. e-mail:

V.V. Salmin is doct. in Physic & Mathematic, doc., head of sub-faculty


Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetski


Presented is analysis of knowledge level of 1st year students of medical specialties at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University as to disciplines of natural sciences cycle. Students were tested as to subjects of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics in tasks of Unified state exam. Analysis of results showed prominent gap in the level of basic training as to natural sciences disciplines. Based on results of the analysis, the authors made some conclusions, i.e. about non-expediency of reduction of auditorium hours for studying physics and mathematics, necessity of measures for improvement of knowledge as to disciplines of physics and mathematics by training school graduates for medical universities as to the program of biology and chemistry profile, that is mostly actual for specialties of medical cybernetics and medical biophysics. Also elaborated is list of additional measures as to correction of knowledge of 1st year students for getting success in training in programs of corresponding disciplines.

Key words: testation, USE, survival of knowledge.



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