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Methodical basis for evaluation of competitiveness of higher educational institutions

V.V. Klimuk, O.E. Komarov
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V.V. Klimuk is Cand.Sci. (Economy), senior lecturer at Baranovichi State University, Belorussia; and O.E. Komarov is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), prof. at Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, Kazakhstan



Analyzed is actual problem of evaluation of competitiveness of higher education institutions and realizing by such educational process. Characterized are indicators for evaluation of quality of educational process in the system of competitiveness of higher educational institution. Proposed is, that evaluation of competitiveness of higher educational institutions ought to be determined with basing method of integral ranging approach. Also presented is detailed description of approbation of the named methodic. Conclusion is made, that presented by the authors model might be universal mean for evaluation of competitiveness of high schools, and also might be used by all participants of educational process, i.e. organs of state administration, business community, administration and professor lecturing stall of high schools, as well as by pupils taking school-leaving examination.

Key words: competitiveness, productivity, educational services, quality, satisfaction, higher education institution.



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