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Pre-university training as preliminary stage of education of foreign students at technical high school

O.N. Efremova, I.V. Plotnikova, Man Fei
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O.N. Efremova is senior lecturer e-mail:; I.V. Plotnikova is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), doc.; and Man Fei is master

at Tomsk Polytechnic University


Analyzed is the problem of efficiency of high school in the sphere of pre-university training of foreign students. Efficiency of high school’s activity depends very much on contingent of foreign students, whose inflow recently increased in Russia. The authors show necessity of respect for training trajectory’s coordination of preparatory department’s students and their further training. It is noted, that training at the preparatory department promotes further successful development by foreign citizens of basic educational programs in Russian language. On example of Tomsk polytechnic university, made the analysis of curricula for foreign students of the preparatory department. Also substantiated is the choice of subjects, offering for foreign students of technical profile.

Key words: preparatory department, foreign listeners, curriculum, profile of training.



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