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Reproduction of professional potential of specialists of modern branch structure as social problem

N.Yu. Netalimov
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N.Yu. Netalimov is engineer at faculty of general educational and professional disciplines of Ufa institute of Communications



Social problems of reproduction of experts in modern branch high school are considered. In focus of represented research located is the process of formation of intellectual potential as the factor of professional socialization of future engineer. Social cohorts of students for which aspirations to status are major at receipt in high school are also allocated. They are realized by means of “minimax”, that is steady and enough scaled tendency. The fact is being reasoned, that growing conjecture of labor market dictates status requirements to it’s subjects, at times without taking into account their real qualification and professional competences. It is proved, that value of higher education in greater degree loses socio-cultural, intellectual -knowledge and professional components in favor of expressed social instrumental dominant.

Key words: intellectual-knowledge and professional potential of student, motives for reception of education, professional coming-to-be, socialization, branch high school, social portrait of specialist.



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