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Development of universities through educational projects of FIOR

E.Ya. Kogan, S.U. Nisimov, V.A. Prudnikova, T.A. Fomina
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E.Ya. Kogan is Dr.Sci. (Physic & Mathematic), prof., supervisor of studies at Volga branch of Federal Institute for Education Development e-mail:; S.U. Nisimov is head of group at Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO e-mail:; V.A. Prudnikova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., director of Volga branch of Federal Institute for Education Development e-mail:; and T.A. Fomina is deputy director of the Centre of “Social Mechanics” e-mail:


Elaborated is the theme of development of universities through educational projects by Fund of infrastructural and educational programs (FIOP) of Rusnano. Over past five years the fund realize the program of training cadres for opening and modernized industries of nanotechnology. The program involves provision of selected to this end universities by potential for development of actual educational technologies, instruments for studying requests of enterprises for modernization of qualifications, attraction of best practices and other resources. The subject of proposed study is transformation of this particular task in resource of development of university, as well as effects of such in separate directions of activity.

Key words: nano-industry, training of cadrws, effectiveness of educational programs.



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