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On methodology of scientific work of lecturers

V.Ya. Portnykh
80,00 Р

V.Ya. Portnykh is cand. of Pedagogy, honored professor at Russian University of Co-operation


Examined is the essence of methodology as scientific theory and method of universal cognition and transformation of the world. Shown is the meaning of philosophy and philosophical categories as the basis of methodology of scientific cognition. Presented is analysis of materialistic dialectics as the peak of development of scientific methodology. Characterized are various methodological approaches and methods of scientific cognition. Expounded are possibilities of using of methodology as to scientific pedagogical researches with definition of most important themes of such research. Emphasized is determinative role of practice and practical experience in both scientific research work and in the process of educational training of students. Conclusion is made by the author, that expounded themes presents most acute problems of educational process, and examining of them might appears as necessary pre-requisite for raising of quality of education.

Key words: methodology, laws and categories, scientific pedagogical research.