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New possibilities of bettering competitiveness of high schools

D.G. Tkach
80,00 Р

D.G. Tkach is Ph.D. in History of Arts, doc.

Moscow State University of Design and Technology



Discussed is the problem of practical use of new possibilities of bettering of competitiveness of high schools in modern space of foreign higher education and also at international market of educational services. In connection with that analyzed are the most important directions of state policy of foreign countries as tj the sphere of higher education. Also examined is latest information about methods of the competitive struggle of foreign high school for place on international market of education. In particular, presented is detailed analysis of modernization reforms in higher school of France, aimed at more effective use of potential of national high schools for bettering their positions on international market of education by combining their efforts on “break-through” directions of education and science. The author’s conclusion is made, that corresponding experience would be quite instructive as to higher school of Russia.

Key words: university of Paris-Saclay, brand of higher education institutions, international market of educational services, marketing activities of universities.



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