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Phenomenon of tradition in pedagogics of art

G.A. Kameneva
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G.A. Kameneva is cand. of Pedagogy, lecturer at St. Petersburg State University



Analyzed are methods of realization of most productive and historically significant traditions of various areas of artistic and creative pedagogy in modern practice of teaching disciplines of artistic and creative cycle. On the example of music performing arts, in particular breeding of romantic attitude of trainees, examined are elaborated by K.N. Igumnov and his students, possibilities of optimizing music lessons with support of basic principles of national theory and practice of education. The author’s conclusion is made, that experience of romantic fulfillment, being creatively re-think and adapted to modern current conditions, and being individually interpreted, would guarantee stable positive results in both educational activity of musicians and concert practice in touring performers.

Key words: pedagogical principles, traditions, art culture, methods, musical work, K.N. Igumnov, Ya.V. Flier.



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