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Instrument for evaluation and improvement of effectiveness of current educational process at high school

A.P. Isaev, L.V. Valueva, E.V. Martynova, L.V. Plotnikov
80,00 Р

A.P. Isaev is doct. in Economics, prof.


L.V. Valueva is leading psychologist


E.V. Martynova is chief specialist


L.V. Plotnikov is cand. of Engineering, doc.


Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU)


Substantiated is the need of monitoring of current educational process at high school as to management of it’s effectiveness. Requirements for methods of empirical evaluation of current educational process are formulated. Presented is the model for monitoring, incl. evaluations of psychological and pedagogical effectiveness of lectures, practical classes and independent work of students. Also conceptual approach, used in development of methodologies for evaluating effectiveness of current educational process through self-assessment by students of their educational activity in forms of training sessions is presented. Emphasis is made on technology of monitoring, incl. procedures of empirical evaluation, methods of processing of obtained results and their representation in the form of multiple profiles for each form of training educational lesson. Examples of profiles for evaluation of various forms of academic work are also presented.

Key words: monitoring, current educational process, efficiency of educational process, empirical evaluation, methodic of evaluation of effectiveness, criteria for evaluation, indicator of effectiveness, profile of training educational lesson, improvement of educational process.



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