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System of concepts in pedagogical research

V.V. Lobanov
80,00 Р

V.V. Lobanov is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. at Tomsk State Pedagogical University



Examined is the problem of dramatic growth in numbers of dissertations on pedagogy, that actualized methodological searches in the direction of improvement of their quality. Prerequisite accuracy of thesis is internal consistency, suggesting the presentation of the material based on a system of concepts, which are adequate to the object of the study. However, the requirements to the formation of such a system in the methodology do not completely take into account nonlinear processes in education, that make it difficult to study complex systems. To overcome the problem, an instrumental scheme of building the conceptual apparatus is proposed. The essence of this scheme is to consider the type of scientific rationality and methodological approach as a justification of concepts' applicability and consistency in the scientific text. The scheme opportunities are shown on the example of A. S. Makarenko’s “Pedagogical Poem” analysis through a system of concepts which is built hierarchically in the post-nonclassical type of rationality and system approach.

Key words: methodology of pedagogy, system approach, educational process, educational situation, educational event, educational environment, educational space, A.S. Makarenko, “Pedagogical poem”.



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