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Expert community of Rosobrnadzor: socio-demographic and professional characteristics

V.A. Smirnov, A.F. Ivanova
80,00 Р

V.A. Smirnov is doct. of Sociology, doc., vice-rector

A.F. Ivanova is post-graduate student at Kostroma State Agricultural Academy



Presented is detailed characteristic of expert community of the Federal service for supervision on education & science (Rosobrnadzor). Shown is socio-demographic and professional portrait of experts of Rosobrnadzor. On the basis of set of open data, the authors in particular made conclusions about gender, age, professional statuses of experts of the named service. At the same time, the authors’ analysis allows to consider in detail processes, developing in the system of Russian higher education. Besides, presented research through the analysis of individual characteristics of concrete representatives of expert community of Rosobrnadzor opens opportunity at micro level to form an opinion about the processes, developing in the system of higher professional education in Russia, as well as about realization of educational policy of Russian state as a whole.

Key words: Rosobrnadzor, expert community, socio-demographic and professional characteristics, reforms of higher education in Russia.



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