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Effectiveness of using computer technologies for distance work of tutor-psychologist

A.N. Legkonogikh , O.Yu. Sorochkina, S.B. Smirnova, N.I. Legkonogikh
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A.N. Legkonogikh is Lecturer at Rostov branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation e-mail:; O.Yu. Sorochkina is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), Ass. Prof. at Don State Technical University e-mail:; S.B. Smirnova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), Ass. Prof. at Don State Technical University e-mail: ; and N.I. Legkonogikh is Master student  e-mail: at Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy of Southern Federal University


Researched is the problem of the use of computer technologies in the activities of a teacher-psychologist in remote interaction with students with the aim of formation of effective learning process. The relevance of the issue lies in the complexity of the current social, economic and geopolitical situation, which ambiguously affects the educational process and the work of teachers in the current conditions. By creating specialized constructs using computer technologies, a teacher-psychologist can work much more widely and with the greatest coverage with those subjects of the educational process who are interested in this or for whom psychological support is an important element of normal life, stabilizing their psychological state and comfortable behavior in society. The research is aimed at studying the experience of teachers-psychologists in regional universities who present specialized computer programs for remote testing of students and teachers (students and faculty), as well as evaluating these constructs and developing recommendations for diversifying solutions in adapting such tests to real University practice in order to increase their effectiveness. In conclusion, we developed a construct for evaluating the effectiveness of remote work of a teacher-psychologist in higher education when analyzing psychological problems of university audience.

Key words: higher educational institution, effectiveness of the work of a teacher-psychologist, telecommuting, computer technology, evaluation criterion.



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