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Contradiction in activities of curator of student group: in need is a new orientation, but dominated is old one

B.E. Fishman, O.V. Bukhovtseva
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B.E. Fishman is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail:; and O.V. Buhovtseva is senior lecturer e-mail:

at Priamursky State University n.a. Sholom-Aleikhem


Described are difficulties, that young people faced when entering university. Substantiated is the need for special system activity of educators, aimed at helping first-year students in their socialization. Represented is necessity of anthrop orientation activity of curator of students’ group at 1st year course and disclosed are features of such activity. Described are conditions, that could ensure anthrop character of curator’s activity. Also presented are results of questionnaire of first-year students, aimed at identifying, how students perceive their curators of educational groups, how they would like to see them, and in what extent is realizing conditions, possible to guarantee anthrop character of activity of curator.

Key words: curator, activity of curators, anthrop nature in activity of curator, socio-cultural environment of high school, socialization, students of first-year study.



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