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Education as deposit of the future

F.Sh. Teregulov
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F.Sh. Teregulov is Dr.Sc. (Pedagogy), prof. at M. Akmulla Bashkir State Pedagogical University



Examined is the theme of theoretical and practical significance of the subject of education, being very knotty and debatable question of the theory of pedagogy. The question is, the author states, about such deep-laid educational science, in which corresponding are objective reality and peculiarities of cognition. Formulated is the problem, the essence of which is as far understandings of scientists, formed stereotypes and language of science could physically and conceptually represent origins and mechanisms of human formation. In the author’s opinion, there is no other such live issue for the humanity which causes so many disputes, forcing pedagogical community to change it’s opinion onto contrary one for so many times. Also formulated and presented is the author’s conception of vision of education as science of the future.

Key words: concepts and categories of pedagogy, biological and social in education, mentality organ as lifetime forming instrument of life activity, consciousness as symbolic model of ambient environment and basic sequence of intellectual activity, codes and social channels of data circulation, stages of formation, functioning and development of organ of intellect.



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