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M.V. Kochetkov. If distant would make Russia innovative? P. 7-10

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M.V. Kochetkov is cand. of Engineering,

doc. at Krasnoyarsk Brunch of Irkutsk State Transport Communications University


Presented is comparative analysis of distant education and classroom education as forms of training process of highly qualified professional specialists. Compared are possibilities of both distant and classroom education in the context of development of creative, as well as of moral qualities of person. Substantiated is necessity of priority in modern higher educational institution of “living” pedagogical communication. Conclusion is made about importance of not only preservation, but also widening classroom education in high school, in real guaranteeing training of qualified specialists for all of professional spheres. Just high schools with developed classroom education, the author concludes, but not educational enterprises, answering only social status need in the diploma of higher education by means of formalized distant technologies, might really contribute into innovative development of the country.

Key words: innovations, distant education, professor, higher education.