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Problems of language education in Russian technical university and some solutions for their elimination

T.V. Sidorenko, S.V. Ryboushkina
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T.V. Sidorenko is Ph.D. in Pedagogics, doc., head of sub-faculty


S.V. Ryboushkina is instructor in foreign languages

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Institute of Cybernetics by National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 

Analyzed are integration processes of Russian system of higher engineering education into global educational domain. The named processes compelled administration of Russian universities to enhance importance of humanitarian disciplines in entire system of training engineers with special focus on training them in foreign languages. In modern interpretation of it’s functions, foreign language considered is not only as instrument of cross-cultural communication, but also as essential tool for professional development and career growth of specialists. However, it must be admitted that the system of language education at university level comes up against serious problems of historical, economic or political background, for which reason there are developing processes in the system that hinder or hamper solution of tasks set before university. The article makes an attempt to identify existent problem areas of language education in technical university. Also formulated are the authors’ recommendations that would contribute to improvement of current situation.

Key words: language education, technical university, meta-competence, mass education, inertness in teaching, modular-based education. 


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