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Language and church: harmony in norms

V.V. Naumov
80,00 Р

V.V. Naumov is doct. in Philology, prof. at St.-Petersburg State Poly-technique University


Presented is detailed analysis into the Church institutionalized discourse of the role of personality and church as to the process of formation of national literature language and lettering. Shown are definitions of meanings of notions of “personality”, “society”, “church”, “religion”, “language”, “social morality” and others, which subsequently became universally recognized in sociology, psychology and linguistics. Determined is the formulae of development and self-development of the named notions, consisting of movement “from simple to complex”. In the author’s opinion, social morality impels individuality to carry out it’s activity in narrow enough “corridor” of normative diapason, regulating be the state. The author’s conclusion is made, that reasonably balanced alliance between the state and the church might be resulting enough, if such is based on sincere mutual respect and mutual support for the sake of achieving of one and only aim, i.e. wellbeing of each individual and society as a whole.

Key words: church, religion, language, discourse, norm.


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