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M.S. Dementev, I.V. Mishchenko, D.M. Dementeva. Project nootechnology — continuing self-study as the main direction of reorganization of education. P.27-30

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 M.S. Dementev is cand. of Biology, doct. in Agriculture, prof.


I.V. Mishchenko is cand. of Pedagogy, doc.


D.M. Dementeva is cand. of Medicine


North Caucasus Federal University 

Analyzed is modern system of education in Russia, founded mainly on getting by students of specific subject knowledge. Noted is inconsistency of modern education to scientific and technical process, due to exponential growth of significant information. The authors’ conclusion is that more promising is to lay into foundation of education of system (technology) of independent life-long acquisition of knowledge, incl. the period of employment. For discussion of scientific pedagogical community presented are three perspective components of education, i.e. general knowledge, methods of self-education and professional part. Also the authors presented possible prognosis of emergence of relatively new areas of development of pedagogy.

Key words: system of education, reform, scientific and technological progress, self-education, education through life, changing of the structure of education. 


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