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Peculiarities in designing modular master’s training program within enlarged group of specialties “Education and Pedagogy” with specialization “Pedagogical education”

М.И. Подболотова, З.Р. Федосеева
80,00 Р

M.I. Podbolotova is cand. of Pedagogy, doc.


Z.R. Fedoseeva is cand. of Pedagogy, doc.


Moscow City Pedagogical University


Presented are approaches to projecting of modular educational program of mastership as to specialization of training “Pedagogical education”, and also elaborated are basic methodological guiding lines, mechanisms and conditions of it’s realization in accordance with ideas of modernization of national education. In the context of this idea projecting theme of elaboration of modular educational program manifests itself as complex of basic characteristics (aimed resulting purposefulness, structure of working programs of modules, content, planning results, volume, technology and methodic of realization), implementing by Moscow City Pedagogical University with taking into account necessities of both all-Russian and regional labor markets on the basis of requests of FGOS and professional standard of pedagogue. Special attention is paid to specific of program of enlarged professionally oriented practice of masters at educational institutions, realizing training at senior level of medium general education, implementing realization of aims of corresponding innovative educational technology.

Key words: modular program, pedagogical education, training of masters, modernization of education, professional standard of pedagogue.



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