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Pedagogical conditions of quality changes of professional breeding of students at technical high school while studying humanitarian disciplines

A.M. Gazaliyev, V.V. Egorov, E.G. Ogol’tsova
80,00 Р

A.M. Gazaliyev is doct. in Chemie, prof., rector of university;

V.V. Egorov is doct. in Pedagogy, prof., vice-rector; and

E.G. Ogol’tsova is cand. of Pedagogy, head of sub-faculty at

Karaganda State Technical University



For the first time in scientific literature presented is definition of the role of humanitarian disciplines in professional breeding of students of technical high school. Identified are mechanisms of quality changes of professional breeding of students of high school by studying humanitarian disciplines. Formulated are three specially organized pedagogical conditioned as to development of professional breeding of students of technical high school while studying humanitarian disciplines. Shown is that presented professionally oriented approach to studying of humanitarian disciplines at technical high school, as well as selected teaching methods, complex of means of professional breeding along with specially organized pedagogical conditions are constituents of the basis of developed by the authors model of professional breeding of students at technical high school in studying process of humanitarian disciplines.

Key words: process of professional breeding, technical high school, pedagogical conditions, quality changes, humanitarian disciplines. 


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