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Scientism and anti-scientism in education

A.A. Soloviev
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A.A. Soloviev is cand. of Philosophy, doc. at Volgograd State Technical University


Presented is analytical research in the phenomena of scientific educational progress. Elaborated are basic contradictions in organization of educational process. Analyzed are such aspects of scientific and educational progress, as extending of scientific knowledge, practical application of science, development of university education with elaborating of it’s aims. Also given is definition of such directions in science, as scientism and anti-scientism with reference to education. As the bases of support of scientific content of education specified are such factors, as distribution of scientific knowledge, practical applicability of science, and development of university education. As arguments against science in educational activity considered is by the author danger of loss of traditional cultural values, absence of generality of scientific knowledge, as well as low applicability of science in non-material spheres.

Key words: social philosophy, discussion method, education, scientism, anti-scientism, science, knowledge. 


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