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On the problem of genesis of school in the system of institutions of socialization

M.A. Polyakova
80,00 Р


M.A. Polyakova is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. at Kaluga branch of N.E. Bauman’s MGTU


Attempt is made as to analysis of genesis and origin of school in the structure of social institutions. The author examines main historical types of cultural and educational inheritance, i.e. mentoring, discipleship and school as such. Indicated are main features of school, distinguishing it from other types of cultural and educational inheritance. Also shown is connection of genesis of school with social division of labor and development of new European civilization. Conclusions are made that, firstly, school is a mean for realization of educational functions of society and a tool of socialization of personality, secondly, a mean for inheritance and development of accumulated by society culture experience, and thirdly, a mean of sustainable development and improvement of various forms of educating and breeding as forms of social progress.

Key words: school, civilization, socialization, social code, mentoring, discipleship, discipline, legitimation. 


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