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Crisis of Philosophy as crisis in lecturing of philosophy

P.N. Kondrashov
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P.N. Kondrashov

is cand of Philosophy, senior researcher at Institute of Philosophy & Law by

Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences


Analyzed is the crisis in national philosophy through crisis situation with lecturing of philosophy in modern Russia, in which dominated is non-systemic, non-critical and eclectic approach to philosophy, as well as by lack of unified methodological basis in courses of philosophy. Shown is that this negative situation leads not only to emergence of generation of young people without a stable outlook, disabled to do simplest formal logical operations, but also to destruction of integrity of the culture. Hence conclusion is made of the need for radical revision of contents of courses of philosophy, because such is understood as theoretical form of world outlook, responsible for development of logical system and critical thinking in students, so necessary in modern conditions. The paper proposes a model of structuring of philosophy sciences for systemic and systematic lecturing in philosophy. Into the basis of the author's approach laid are both the theory of praxis as essence of the person and the subject-object approach.

Key words: lecturing in philosophy, systematic philosophy, structuring of philosophical sciences, crisis of philosophy, systematic thinking. 


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