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Training of high school’s students in training of innovative activity. Formulation of a problem and ways for it’s solution

N.V. Lezhneva, A.Z. Votsky
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N.V. Lezhneva is doct. in Pedagogy, prof., head of sub-faculty E-mail:

A.Z. Votsky is lecturer E-mail: 

 Troitsk branch of Chelyabinsk State University 

Substantiated is the need of studying problems, connected with training of students of high school for innovative activity. Disclosed is essence of concepts “innovation”, “innovative activity”, “readiness for innovative activity”. Complex of such is considered as quality of personality, determining direction and character of actions by solving of complex, multipurpose problems, connected with initiative or inclusion into innovative activity by presence of favorable for this purpose conditioned. Described is structure of specialist’s personality, capable for realizing innovative activity with detailing of both general qualities of innovator and qualities special, characteristic for innovators under conditions of small city. Presented are results of experiment of research work as to the level of innovativeness of students. Proposed are both content and technologies of pedagogical assistance to development of readiness of students for innovative activity.

Key words: innovations, innovative activity, readiness for innovative activity, students of high school, pedagogical assistance. 


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