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Author’s conception of formation of poly-cultural per-sonality of future manager for the sphere of service and tourism

S.L. Novolodskaya
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S.L. Novolodskaya is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. at Zabaikalie Business Institute of

Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives


Presented is the author’s conception of forming poly-cultural personality of future manager for the sphere of service & tourism. Main idea of the conception is, that poly-cultural education of students must present itself as holistic system. In that system content, model, principles, technologies of creation of poly-cultural personality of future manager in the sphere of service & tourism have synergistic nature, i.e. such influence on minds of students, form in them experience of social behavior, characterized by high level of inter-ethnic culture, tolerance, intercultural competence, formed significant poly-cultural personal qualities. Marked are means, thanks to which formation of poly-cultural personality is being in the process of development. Also detailed are basic poly-cultural characteristics, which educational process must breed in personality of a student.

Key words: poly-cultural education, system, synergy, cross-cultural competence, poly-cultural personal qualities. 


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