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Theoretical training of corporate editors

Yu.A. Petropavlovskaya
80,00 ₽


Yu.A. Petropavlovskaya is post-graduate student at

Lomonosov Moscow State University


Substantiated is necessity of inclusion in the program of training of journalists of special course on editing of corporate press, i.e. actively developing segment of mass media, nowadays suffering from shortage of professional staff. For the first time it is announced, that editors should be specially taught to work with corporate information, which occupies the space between border areas of journalism and PR, and therefore requires special approach to publication. Formulated are aims and objectives of the course “Peculiarities of corporate text editing”, as well as determined is it’s place in the system of disciplines of journalism faculties with description of model of brief plan of correspondent lessons. Also named are main target groups of the course, and expected practical results of the process.

Key words: corporate press, editing, corporate editor, content-analysis, special course, faculty of journalistic. 


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