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Effectiveness of social patriotic breeding of Russian students in the process of actualization of heroic heritage of Soviet people

V.I. Filonenko, L.A. Shtompel, O.M. Shtompel
80,00 Р


V.I. Filonenko is doct. in Sociology, director of Center for social & political researches


L.A. Shtompel is doct. in Philosophy, prof., head of sub-faculty


O.M. Shtompel is doct. in Philofophy, prof.


Institute of philosophy & socio-political sciences of South Federal University 

On the basis of sociological investigation of “Image of the Great Patriotic War as to perceptions of students of high school in the region of Rostov”, analyzed is the problem of efficiency of social and patriotic educational breeding activity. It is shown, that unity of historical and cultural memory of Russians as the basis of their social and patriotic feelings are based mainly on uniform assessment and knowledge of crucial events of the Great Patriotic War. But it is also recorded, that channels of broadcasting of historical and cultural memory now are in the process of change, while number of mass actions of social and patriotic actions in the process of actualization of heroic heritage of Soviet people suffered from low level of effectiveness in the process of ideological impact on students’ youth. For that reason, the authors presented some practical recommendations, which might be conductive to raising the level of effectiveness of educational breeding activity.

Key words: students, social and patriotic breeding, the Great Patriotic War. 


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