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Development of constructive passionarity of lecturer of high school. Possibilities of projecting

N.I. Vyunova, I.N. Strebkova
80,00 Р



N.I. Vyunova is doct in Pedagogy, prof.


I.N. Strebkova is post-graduate student


Voronezh State University


          Examined are problems of development of passionarity of university lecturer, as well as possibilities of it’s designing on the basis of analysis of works of L.N. Gumilev, allowing to apply his ideas of understanding of passionarity of personality to personality of university teacher. In detail characterized are mechanisms of development of passionarity of university teacher. Identified and described are basic types of passionarity. Proposed is the project of research and development of constructive passionarity of future teacher of high school. Also diagnostic system for studying of the phenomenon is developed, as well as logic of development of constructive passionarity of university teacher is described. Analyzed are results of empirical study on three samples of students, teachers and post-graduate students, practicing teaching activities. Presented program of research, in which realized is aggregate set of psychological and pedagogical conditions of development of passionarity.

          Key words: passionarity, passionarical induction, projecting, sub-personalities, belief, will, idea.



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