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Competences as result of education. Problems and ways of solution

E.A. Avdeeva, I.A. Drozdova
80,00 Р


E.A. Avdeeva is doct. in Philosophy, cand. of Pedagogy, head of sub-faculty


I.A. Drozdova is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. E-mail:

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetski 

          Examined are problems of formation and monitoring of level of maturity of students’ competences. Transition on FGOS VPO of new generation requires modernization of the system of high school students’ training, directed into elaboration and realization of competitive educational programs, procuring of flexibility and innovational directivity of the whole educational process in high school. Despite declared everywhere conversion into FGOS and competence approach in education, the problem of the level of maturity of professional competences of high school’s graduates still remains relevant. Traditional methods of measuring of competences of graduate are not enough, that’s why new methods of measuring and step-by-step formation of them are in need. Evaluation of competences’ maturity deserves special attention, detailed research and meticulous monitoring of results with the help of adequate diagnostic methods.

  Key words: competences, monitoring of the level of competences’ maturity, motivation to healthy lifestyle. 


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