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Intra-firm process of technical engineers’ professional training in the “Science—Education—Manufacture” integrated system

A.R. Masalimova
80,00 ₽


The  candidate of pedagogical sciences,
The  professional education’s
international experience researching laboratory’s senior research assistant,
The Institution of Russian academy of Education
«The Institute of pedagogic and psychology of professional education»
The article deals with intra-firm process of technical engineers’ professional training in the “Science— Education— Manufacture” integrated system. A reflexive-dialogue approach is recommended for self-regulating processes’ investigation in that system, which allows it self-building activity activated by it’s internal elements’ self-regulating process, what’s synergetic effects allows it to solve the problem of a modern enterprise’s strategic goals.
Key words: integrated system, intra-firm training, self-regulating processes, self-building, synergetic effects
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