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Problem of transconfessional tolerance in the system of education

L.A. Shkutina, Zh.A. Karmanova.
80,00 Р


Shkutina Larisa Arnoldovna
professor of theory and methodics of preschool
and psycological and pedagogical training Chair, doctor of pedagogical sciences,
Buketov KarSU,
Karmanova Zhanat Аlpysovnа
docent of theory and methodics of preschool and psycological and pedagogical training Chair, candidate of philosophical sciences,
Buketov KarSU
Considered is the problem of training transconfessional tolerance of students in the system of education, proceeding from socio-cultural situation both in Kazakhstan and in the world. Different scientist ideas about tolerance and transconfessional tolerance are presented. There is also the author’s own definition of the term “students’ transconfessional tolerance”. Analyzed are such components of students’ transconfessional tolerance, as motivational personal, contentional, behavioral and reflexive.
Key words: tolerance, transconfessional tolerance, components and categories of transconfessional tolerance
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