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Role of the discipline “Physical culture” in professional education of foreign students in medical universities

V.B. Mandrikov, I.A. Ushakova, N.V. Zamyatina
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V. B. Mandrikov
Doctor of Education, Professor
Head of the Department of physical culture and health,
I.A. Ushakova 
Candidate of Biology Saenz
Senior lecturer of department of physical culture and health
N.V. Zamyatina
Senior lecturer of department of physical culture and health
Volgograd State Medical University
Role of the discipline “Physical culture” for foreign students in Russian medical universities as the most important factor in securing high functional state level as well as special qualities, abilities and skills of future medicine specialists is revealed by the authors.
Key words: foreign students, social-pedagogical method, adaptation, physical culture of a medical specialist
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