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On forming content principles of training in Russian foreign students during their preparing phase for higher education

A.N. Rementsov, L.S. Kremenetskaya
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A.N. Rementsov
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, candidate of technical sciences, prof.
pro-rector for international relations
L.S. Kremenetskaya
Senior lecturer of the Department of russian language for foreign citizens 
The Moscow Automobile and Road Technical University
Specifics of teaching foreign students from CIS countries during their preparing phase for higher education, as well as necessity to set up it’s special content are shown in the article. Examined are some general principles of educational content, on basis of which new specific principles are formulated, that reflect specific character of students’ contingent from CIS countries.
Key words: process of education, educational content, foreign students, communicative approach, socio- and cultural competence, authentie.
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