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On the phenomena of falsehood (deception). Philosophic- and ethics analysis

E.N. Chekhushkina
80,00 Р


Presented is an analysis of content dynamics of the phenomena of falsehood (deception) as stereotyped public and individual phenomenon in moral culture of human society. The author analyzes this phenomena in four directions. Firstly, falsehood and deception as constants in human’s vital activity. Secondly, falsehood as a specific feature of age, as well as an index of mental and moral life of a human being. Thirdly, falsehood as socio- and cultural phenomenon tracing through gender indexes of social differentiation. And fourthly, deception (falsehood) from ethics- and axiology aspects’ point of view.

Key words: culture, falsehood, moral-consciousness, deception, human society, phenomena, value, ethics