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A.A. Verbitsky, M.D. Iliazova, A.I. Kurpesheva. Sub-competences as invariants of foreign communicative competence of a technical university’s graduate

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A.A. Verbitskiy,
 Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor, Head of  Social and Pedagogical Psychology Department, Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities.
M.D. Iliyazova,
Doctor of Pedagogical Science,Professor of  Sociology and Psychology Department, Astrakhan State Technical University. E-mail:
Senior Teacher, Department of Foreign Languages in Technical Education, Astrakhan State Technical University
The article presents results of elaboration of structure of foreign communicative competence of a graduate of technical university, basis of which is the invariant as the system of stable functional links among structural components (axiological- and sense bearing, motivational, instrumental, individual- and psychological, conative), possessed of complex of main characteristics of it’s concrete realizations in sub-competences, i.e. language, speech, and sociocultural.
Key words: foreign communicative competence, invariant structure, sub-competence.