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On historical- and pedagogical heritage of the exclave region of Russia

I.F. Syubareva
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Syubareva I.F.
 Doctor of Pedagogy, PhD in law,
 professor of business law in Immanuel Kant Baltic federal university
General characteristic of educational development in Eastern Prussia and in Kaliningrad region during various historical periods is presented. Successive relationship of historical- and pedagogic traditions of Eastern Prussia and Kaliningrad region is shown. Special attention is paid to development of the Koenigsberg University, as well as to pedagogic ideas, presented by pleiad of scientists, i.e. I. Kant, J.Herbart, F.Bessel.
Key words: education, historical- and pedagogical traditions, pedagogical ideas, Koenigsberg university, I. Kant, J. Herbart, F. Bessel, Kaliningrad region.
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