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Adaptation of foreign students during period of their preuniversity training. Traditional and national oriented approaches

A.N. Rementsov, A.L. Kuznetsov, M.N. Kozhevnikova
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Rementsov A.N.,
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, MSARTU (MADI),
 international relations pro-rector (vice-rector)
Candidate of historical sciences, professor, MSARTU (MADI),
head of Regional studies department
Kozhevnikova M.N.,
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, MSARTU (MADI),
 senior teacher of Russian language department
            Examined are possibilities for organization of adaptation support for foreign students during period of their pre-university training. Comparative analysis of traditional and national oriented approaches to the problem is given.
            Key words: pre-university training, foreign student, adaptation, sociocultural, national oriented, regional studies, speciality
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