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Some peculiarities in demonstration of regulatory function of the person’s psyche in professional activity of a teacher in higher tducational institute

V.N. Vvedensky, L.L. Stroganov
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Necessity of examination of professional competences on the basis of functions of the person’s psyche is shown. Peculiarities of regulation of decision making by the subject as the most important manifestation of the regulatory function of psyche are considered. Examined is specificity of such elements of morality, as moral norms and principles, values and value orientations, ethical feelings, estimates and ideas, as well as structure of the regulatory function of morality. Also main approaches to improvement of regulatory competence of a teacher in higher educational school are presented.
Key words: teacher in higher educational school, functions of psyche, regulatory function, professional competence, regulatory competence, competences, morality, value orientations, morals, professional training, reflection