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Development of intelligence in students’ years as a gurantee of successful professional self-realization of personality

N.G. Fomina, V.Yu. Bodryakov
80,00 ₽
Nina G. Fomina,

Senior Teacher, Chair of Higher Mathematics of the Mathematical faculty of

Ural State Pedagogical University – USTU

Vladimir Yu. Bodryakov,

Doctor of phys.-math. sciences, Professor,


Presented are some results of longitudes studies in dynamics of intellectual structure of students of mathematics faculty of a pedagogical university. Measurements are carried out with the use of Amthawer’s test. The analysis shows that during the period of training in high school students on the whole might reach indices, constituencing “good” level of development (professional level). Also noted are problems, that are forming a number of individual definite operations.

Key words: longitude studies, structure of intellect, Amhawer’s test.


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